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Installation of MoSi2 elements

1、vertically hanging

Under normal temperature ,MOsi2 element is very brittleness,while under high temperature it is plasticity.So,the better way for installation if the U shape element is to hang it vertically,to the furnace top through the support clamping chuck H.The aim of such way is to avoid putting the mechanical stress directly to the element heat-generating end ,or the element will easily be broken.

2、support clamp

Support clamp are applied to ¢9/18 and ¢6/12 two kinds of elements respectively.The support clamp supports the whole weight of the element and the position of the element is also determined by it .Therefore ,it must be installed carefully to assure that the element is vertically hung.In order to prevent the element from being over heated locally,the taper part of the element lower end must put into the furnace chamber.

3、wire clip

The wire connection clamp connecting Mosi2 element is made of aluminum woven wire or multi-layer aluminumfoil.The steel plate outside it onlyacts as a clamp and isn't used electric cibdyctuctuib.fir ¢6/12 element,single rowing wire is  used,and for ¢9/18 element,double-rowing wire is used.The end of the lead wire should be a little larger than the linear distance between the element and bus.

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