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Operation of Mosi2 furnace

1、Drying of the furnace

The  new built furnace or the furnace that haven't been used for a long time should be dried before use.the drying tempearture generally is 100-200℃,the element that has been used for a long period time under low temperature will cause low-temperature oxidation.for the small-sized furnace,as its drying time is short,several hours will affect the element little,but for the largesized one,as its drying is long it should be dride carefully,you'd better open the furnace gate to make it ventilated,the gate may be halfopened with the rising of temperature and fully closed when the temperature rises above 1000℃.

2、Starting of the furnace

If the furnace has been dried or needn't to be dried,then it may be started to raise temperature.In order to avoid that it is impacted by over current and the electric device is overloaded,the following steps should be adapted.

 Small furnace
( power<100KW )
Large furnace
( power100-500KW )
Furnace temp ℃
Furnace temp ℃
1/3working voltage
1/3working voltage
2/3working voltage
2/3working voltage
500℃working temp
Full working voltage
700℃working temp
Full working voltage

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