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TYPE WDB Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Ordering Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Step 1

Indicate which type of element you need.


Type "WDB1"

Type "WDB2"

Step 2

Indicate the following dimensions identified in the element drawings above:

  • Heated Length Diameter (d)
  • Terminal Diameter (D)
  • Heated Length (L1)
  • Terminal Length (L2)

Note:  Element diameters are normally specified in millimeters.  Element dimensions may be specified in millimeters or inches.

Step 3

Indicate any other critical dimensions or tolerances if needed.

TYPE WDB THREE PHASE SiC elements in float glass production,are comprised of high purity, high density, silicon carbide grains, self bonded through recrystallization at elevated temperatures. Sintering at temperatures in excess of 2200ºC provides a structural density of 2.50 grams per cubiccentimeter. Such high structural density results in SiC elements of maximum strength and minimum porosity, with an extremely slow aging characteristic.Strength of the SiC elements is further enhanced by insertion of hot zones into oversized cold ends. Enlarged cold ends measure 28mm(1.10”) in diameter, accommodating hot zones of 19mm (0.75”) in diameter. Close tolerance sizing helps assure SiC elements fit to conventional roof construction. Leg to leg oncenter spacing is 52mm(2.05”). Overall element length is 647mm (25.47”). Length of hot zone is 265mm (10.43”). Height of bridge is 32mm (1.26”). Cold end length is 350mm (13.78”). The support 5.6mm (0.22”) hole is 44mm (1.73”) from the top of the cold end.

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