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Silicon carbide heating elements Type TW| SiC Heating elements Type DB| Silicon carbide elements Type U| Sic elements Type W| Silicon carbide heater TYPE WDB| SiC heater Type SG| Silicon carbide heating elements Type SGR| Silicon carbide heating elements Non Standard Type| Silicon carbide heating elements Accessories| Installation and operation of elements|

Ordering Element Straps

 Step 1

Indicate which type of strap you need.

Type "A" (top)
Type "B" (bottom)

Type "C" (top)
Type "D" (bottom)

Type "E" (both)

Step 2

Indicate the working length and width.

Step 3

Indicate the amperage, if known, and any special characteristics.

Ordering Element Clamps and Tool

Indicate clamp style and heating element diameter.  The tool is only needed for Type "C" clamps.

Type "M" Clamp

Type "C" Clamp

Type "C" Tool

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