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Installation and operation of SiC elements

1、In order to keep furance temperature and the load-bearing uniform of each element,before installation ,resistance distribution must be carried out.The resistance value deviation of each group should be below 10%.

2、As the element is very brittle,be careful while install and maintain to avoid any damage.

3、When start to  operate the furnace ,raise voltage slowly and gradually,never give full load at one time,or the heating element will be damaged by over current impulse

4、To use the elements ,you should prepare the adjustable transformer or silicon controlled transformer,voltage meter,current meter and autocontrol temperature meter etc.During the working,the voltage should be increased to maintain the furnace normal temperature because the resistance value will go up tradually caused by the oxidation of element.When the voltage get to the up limit of the transformer and the temperture is still low than the requirement ,the furnace shoule be stoppded,change the way of wire connection and then continue work.

5、In the course of long operation of the furnace ,if any  individual heating element is damaged owing to certain  reasons and should be should replace,it with proper one whose resistance value corresponds to that of the old one,never use a new heating eleement random.If the heating element is much damaged or its resistance value increases too much and cannot reach the  furnace temperature ,it is better to replace all the heating elements with new ones.Test and mark the resisitance value of the old elements having been replaced (with voltmeter and ammeter)and distribute them in low temperature area.

6、Before the new furnace or the furnace that has not been used for a long time is used,they must be dryinged.When drying them,it is better to use old elements or other heat source.

7、When firing apparatus or material,if there is water ejection,the furnace should have holes to eject water vapor or other waste gases in order to protect the

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