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Pure nickel wire, strip

Close to the mechanical properties of nickel steel, the corrosion performance of its alkali metal, second only in silver, nickel in the concentration of alkali in the black surface layer of protective film formation. Our company produces nickel-based power vacuum material (N4, N5, N6, N8, UNS N02200, UNS N02201), a strip, rod, bar, strip a surface quality, good processability, low operating temperature for the production of a variety of molded parts, such as rivets, such as the anode, spacer, electrode holder, also made in the light bulb in the lead wire can also be made in the battery positive and negative connections.

The use of electronic-grade material conditions are different, and there are several elements of the alloy. And electrode materials are required to avoid low-resistivity electrode overheating, high-temperature strength materials to reduce wear and tear, in the arc melting under the action of the adhesive and other properties essential to improve the service life.

Advantages: weldability, high conductivity, suitable for the linear expansion coefficient. Better high temperature strength, low resistivity

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