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High Temperature Tube Furnace

         One Models:

  • 1450C High Temperature Tube Furnace
    1450C SiC Heating Elements
    1700C Grade Refractory Lining
    1600C 95.0% alumina tube
  • Model

    Alumina Tube size OD x ID x L   

    Max Temp (C)


    60mm x 50mm x 1000mm           





    80mm x 70mm x 1000mm           




    100mm x 90mm x 1000mm          






    120mm x 110mm x 1000mm          




    152mm x 140mm x 1000mm          


    Model AY-TF-60/80/100/120/150-145

    Products Introduction

    AY-TF-60/80/100/120/150-145 series tube furnace uses SiC as its heating element. Hearth is built with Ai2O3 fiber materials. Temperature of this furnace is controlled by high precise SCR power controller with +/-1 °C accuracy and 51 programmable segments up to 1450°C This furnace is built with double layer steel casing and air cooling, two cooling fans inside the case keep the temperature lower. The tube is sealed by stainless steel vacuum sealed flanges, it can be used under vacuum and other gases condition. This tube furnace is an ideal tool for sintering all types of materials/chemical. Great for labs or college scientific research use.

    Tube Materials

    1600C 95% High purity alumina Tube

    Tube Size

    OD: 60 /80/100/120/150mm in diameter  x 1000 mm length


    High Quality Type B Thermocouple

    Max. Working Temperature


    Refractory Lining

    1700C grade fiber alumina

    Heating Element

    1450C SIC heating elements

    Normal Working Temperature

    0-1400 o 

    Temperature Controller

    PID automatic control via power control, e.g. current limiting phase angle fired the resistor  with 51 steps programmable

    Max. Heating / Cooling Rate

    oC /min above 1200 oC and 5 oC/min below 1200 o 

    Constant Temperature Zone

     150 mm

    Temperature Accuracy

     +/- 1 oC (+/- 1.8 oF)

    Vacuum Seal Kit

     60 /80/100/120/150mm diameter stainless steel vacuum seal assembling with one vacuum gauge, two valves and Four porous ceramic blocks are included.


     Single Phase, 208 - 240V AC,  50/60 Hz


     Max. 5KW


     550 L x 450 W x 670 H  mm

    Net Weight

     80 kgs

    Weight of Shipment

     120 kgs

    The following is standard product specifications. Our company can also customize the product based on your business needs.

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