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Ceramic Fiber Blanket|


 1260℃, 1400℃, 1500℃, Blankets



 1260℃ Blankets

1260℃ Blankets 



 1500℃ Blankets

1500℃ Blankets 



1400℃ Cottons  

1400℃ Blankets  

Ceramic Fiber 

Andy Company supplies ceramic fiber blanket products in a wide range of temperature and density compositions, as well as thickness and roll widths.  They typically contain no organic materials that could contaminate furnace atmospheres at elevated temperatures.  Common characteristics of ceramic fiber blanket are:

  • Low thermal conductivity 
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Low heat storage capacity

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Processed Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic fiber can also be supplied in prepared shapes or in modified blanket forms.  The most common are:

  • Cut strip
  • Die-cut shapes
  • Wet felt
  • Mesh-enclosed shapes
  • Foil-backed blanket

Bulk Fiber

For applications that require bulk fiber, Andy Company offers a complete line of refractory bulk materials, each of which offers its own unique combination of properties.  These bulk fibers are produced by varying composition, fiber length, compressed density, fiber content, fiber diameter, and lubricity to serve a wide range of customer needs.


  AY-CFBL-1000 AY-CFBL-1400 AY-CFBL-1400 AY-CFBL-1500
 Classification Temperature( °C)  1000 1260  1400  1500 
 Bulk Density( Kg/m3)  130/160/190  130/160/190   130/160/190   130/160/190
 Linear Shrinkage(% ,°C x 24 hrs)  1.2(800) 1.3(1100) 1.5(1200)   <1.5(1300)
 Thermal Conductivity Kcal/mh°C (W/mk),ASTMC201  130kg/m3  130kg/m3  130kg/m3  160kg/m3
 Mean 400 °C  0.08 0.07     
 Mean 600 °C  0.13 0.12  0.13  0.10 
 Mean 800 °C  0.17 0.16 0.20 0.19 
 Mean 1000 °C      0.29 0.28 
 Chemical Compositon(%)        
 Al2O3  42-45 47.1  35.0  35.0
 SiO2  55-58 52.3 49.7  49.7 
 ZrO2  /  /  /  15.0
 Available size

7200*600*12,25,38, or 3600*600*12,25,38, 

Special Sizes: Process according to customers' Demand.


Note: Data are average results of standard tests which are subject to variation, don't show the guarantee datas of product quality because of fluctuating within certain range. and should not be used as specification     


  Refractory back-up installation
  Direct exposure to heat as furnace hot face lining
  Expansion joint seal
  Fire protection
  General high temperature insulation
Note: Data are average results of standard tests which are subject to variation and should not be used as specification


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